at the Front Square

Why the Front Square?

Aim is an app designed to make you rethink mobile photography...No more vintage more meaningless more conventional snaps...just raw photography and genuine creativity. Aim works against current trends and brings you back to basics, improving your photographic vision at the time of shooting.


The Front Square will become your outdoor studio. Aim will guide you through the Square, directing you towards the hotspots where exciting and unexpected photographic opportunities abound!

Share photographs, enter challenges and have fun learning and experimenting with our tips and tutorials.


Aim invites you to see the Front Square through a new lens as a playground for photography. The result will be attractive, striking and meaningful photographs with more impact than ever before.

So let aim guide you through the Front Square and help to enrich your technique, heighten your creativity and make your photographs stand out!



Aim was created by:

Aoife O'Mullane, Shane Mitchell,

Conor Lacey and Stephen Maguire